Exercise after Breast Augmentation

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If you work out to keep your body fit, you might lament that working out tones every part of your body but your breasts. Your breasts may have never developed or they used to be ample, but have shrunk with weight loss, especially when you lost your baby weight. Breast augmentation seems like a good solution to have both the breasts and body you desire, but you may be concerned that they might interfere with your exercise routine. Most women find that exercise after breast augmentation is mostly the same, but with some minor differences.

On this page we talk about some of the most popular forms of exercise, but of course we can't address them all. If you are concerned about how breast augmentation might affect your routine, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster at his Waterbury, Glastonbury, or Greenwich office. You can talk to him about your routine and he can answer your questions in person.

Exercise after Your Surgery

During the recovery period immediately after breast augmentation surgery, your exercise routine will be limited. Take a day or two to let your body heal, even if you feel good enough to exercise. But don't linger in bed too long. A little exercise helps you heal, and starting early but slow will help you get back to your full routine sooner.

Begin by taking short walks. Limit your arm movement, and don't bounce too much. You can do some stretching and other leg exercises. Over time, you can lengthen your walks and move on to low-impact exercises like using an elliptical machine or stationary bike, as long as you don't use your arms. Swimming is prohibited for four weeks.

By the third week, you can begin doing exercises that address your waist, upper back, and arms, but you should avoid using your pectoral muscles, especially if you had subpectoral placement of your implants. You should keep your routine light and don't raise your heart rate or blood pressure too high, as this can increase your risk of some breast augmentation complications and affect the quality of your results.

By the end of the fourth week, most of your restrictions will be lifted, and you can work back up to your normal routine as you feel comfortable.

Effects of Breast Augmentation on Exercise

Most women will not notice much difference from breast implants during their normal routines, but there are some activities that are affected by breast augmentation.

If you are a runner, you might notice some difference in terms of the balance and weight of your body. If you wear an appropriately supportive bra, your speed and stamina will probably not be affected, and the exercise will not affect the longevity of your results.

Swimmers report that it takes time getting used to the changes in buoyancy and resistance related to their breast implants. Women at the highest levels of competition may see a slight reduction in their pace.

Some women tennis players with breast implants feel their backhand is affected, but most do not.

Boxers might be affected more than others. Currently, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) bans women with implants from participating competitively.

Most women find their exercise routine is not affected by their breast implants. If you would like to talk about your routine and any possible effects, please call or email us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster at his Glastonbury, Waterbury, or Greenwich office.

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