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30 07, 2019

How to Get Youthful Results Organically

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If you eat organic food, dress in organically sourced clothing, and try to live as much of an all-natural lifestyle as possible then you may be a bit ambivalent about getting cosmetic procedures done. But just because you live organically, it doesn't mean that you have to look your age. Here at our office, Dr. [...]

15 07, 2019

How to Tell If You’re a Good Candidate for a Boob Job

2019-09-20T03:41:46+00:00Categories: Blogs, Breast Augmentation|

Just because your friends have new breasts, it doesn't mean that you have to get them, right? Here at our office, Dr. Stanley Foster tries to help every patient make the best decisions for them, their life, and their body. If you have been toying with the idea of getting a breast augmentation, but you [...]

30 06, 2019

How to Take Care of Your Newly Plumped Lips This Summer

2019-09-25T13:24:16+00:00Categories: Blogs, NON-INVASIVE COSMETIC PROCEDURES|

Having fuller, sexier lips is something that we all want (thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner). Unfortunately, similar to Miss Jenner, full lips aren't something that come naturally to most of us, which is where lip fillers come into play. With hyaluronic acid based lip fillers like Restylane, Dr. Foster can enhance the shape, size, [...]

15 06, 2019

Am I a Candidate for a Breast Reduction?

2019-09-20T03:41:53+00:00Categories: Blogs, Breast Reduction|

According to statistics released by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there is a steady increase in breast reductions among female patients. Although there was a slight decline a few years ago, they are steadily on the rise. And, one of the things that makes breast reductions so popular is that they consistently have high [...]

30 05, 2019

2 Ways to Speed Up Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

2019-09-20T03:42:08+00:00Categories: Blogs, Breast Augmentation|

  Having fuller, perkier, and sexier looking breasts is a must with bikini season just around the corner. If you have decided to undergo a breast augmentation for whatever reason, we have a few tips that will help you speed up your recovery and get into a bikini as soon as possible. Massage The last [...]

15 05, 2019

Celebrate Mother’s Day With a Mommy Makeover

2019-05-14T12:19:55+00:00Categories: Blogs, Mommy Makeover|

  While other moms are celebrating Mother’s Day with store bought bouquets of flowers and a cold breakfast in bed, why not take matters into your own hands this year and invest in something that’s truly for yourself like a mommy makeover? What’s a Mommy Makeover? It’s no secret that after pregnancy, childbirth, and then [...]

30 04, 2019

Spring Into a Breast Augmentation

2019-09-20T03:42:03+00:00Categories: Blogs, Breast Augmentation|

Bikini season is just around the corner in Connecticut. You still have a few months to kick your body into serious shape. Spring is one of the perfect times of year to get a breast augmentation. If you live between Hartford and Danbury, Dr. Foster is the right choice for this procedure. Why Get a [...]

15 04, 2019

Tummy Tuck Alert; How to Gain Your Confidence Back After Weight Loss and Pregnancy

2019-05-13T13:13:36+00:00Categories: Blogs, Tummy Tuck|

Losing a lot of weight either due to personal weight loss goals or after a pregnancy is a real victory. Whether you’ve been putting extra hours in at the gym or you have been following a strict diet. You definitely deserve a reward for reaching your goals. If, however, you still feel too self-conscious to [...]

26 09, 2017

Dr. Stanley Foster’s Best Skin Procedures for Fall

2017-09-26T20:41:14+00:00Categories: PRESS/NEWS|

Dr. Stanley Foster’s Best Skin Procedures for Fall As summer winds down, it’s time for you to take a step back from the lazy days outdoors and check on your skin. Sunshine, ocean salt and pool water are fun and invigorating, but they can also be very damaging to your skin. If summer has [...]

14 08, 2017

Bye-Bye Cellulite, Hello Cellulaze!

2017-08-14T18:34:44+00:00Categories: PRESS/NEWS|

Bye-Bye Cellulite, Hello Cellulaze! Have you spent the better part of the summer season hiding your cottage cheese thighs under clothing that is too hot for the weather? Stop sweltering in those jeans and get ready to bring your legs out of hiding with the latest cellulite treatment. Dr. Stanley Foster Plastic [...]