Body contouring is more a philosophy than an isolated procedure. In fact, body contouring typically involves two or more procedures done in conjunction in order to get maximum aesthetic results out of each procedure. In other words, the results of a tummy tuck can be enhanced by a breast lift, buttock lift, or any number of other procedures.

Body contouring is a more holistic approach to plastic surgery, keeping the shape of the entire body in mind. Dr. Foster believes that for any procedure to be a success, it must also look natural. In many cases, when a single procedure is performed, it can create a look that is out of proportion, or create an asymmetry that did not exist before. Body contouring is about using one procedure to complement another, in order to produce the ultimate look.

For example, many breast augmentation patients also choose a liposuction or fat grafting procedure to enhance the result of their breast augmentation. Abdominoplasty patients often choose to have liposuction performed on adjacent areas in order to accentuate their abdominoplasty.

What your body contouring procedure will consist of will depend on many things. During your initial consultation with Dr. Foster, you will discuss your aesthetic goals and expectations. With this information he will be able to make recommendations regarding which set of procedures would be best for you based on your proportions. You will discuss how one area of the body balances with and influences other areas of the body. With this understanding, you will be better prepared to choose the right procedures.

A complete body contouring process may take several months, and several years in some cases. Your long term goals will be discussed, and every effort will be made to see to it that your goals will be reached. This is usually performed after gastric bypass surgery or after massive weight loss.

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