Many individuals who wish to get rid of crow’s feet, deep-set frown and smile lines, furrowed brows, and other signs of aging are turning to BOTOX ® treatments. BOTOX ® provides a quick, convenient, low-cost option that produces long-lasting, natural looking results.

What BOTOX ® Is

The active ingredient is a sterile form of botulinum toxin – a protein that is derived from bacteria. The toxin itself contains no bacteria, so it is 100% safe. You will not become ill from BOTOX ®. The toxin, once injected under the skin, stops the release of acetylcholine in the surrounding muscles. Acetylcholine is the chemical responsible for muscle contracture, and when acetylcholine is blocked, the facial muscles responsible for causing problem wrinkles are relaxed.

Sun damage and other wrinkling that is not the result of muscle contracture is best treated with injectable fillers like Restylane™ or Juvederm™.


Most BOTOX ® treatments can be done very quickly. You can expect to go back to your regular routine immediately after leaving Dr. Foster’s office. The number of injections you will need will depend on the area being treated.

In order to keep the injected material from spreading to other areas, you will be instructed to avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area, and you should take extra care to avoid activities that are likely to disturb the treated area. With proper care, your BOTOX® treatment should last up to four months. You should plan to receive follow up treatments every four to six months in order to maintain your new look.

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