If you’re unhappy about the size of your breasts, you’ve likely considered breast augmentation or implants. Unfortunately, there are a lot of stories online about breast augmentation that may deter you from this life-changing procedure. We’re here to clear up some of these common myths and give you the real facts.

  1. “Implants need to be replaced every 10 years”

While it’s true that your implants likely won’t last forever, it’s also possible your implants will last longer than 10 years. We’re not entirely sure where that specific number came from, but your implants only need to be replaced if there’s an issue. To avoid any problems, we recommend having regular follow-up appointments with your doctor as well as routine mammograms, sonograms, MRIs, and other preventative exams.

  1. “I can’t breastfeed if I get implants”

This is a very common misconception but take comfort knowing that several studies have shown that there is no medical risk for babies to breastfeed from women with saline or silicone breast implants. In fact, in many cases, breast augmentation may even make breastfeeding easier for some women.

  1. “My implants can be as big as I want”

Keep in mind bigger isn’t always better when it comes to breast implants. It’s important to factor in your weight, current breasts, weight of implants, and overall body size when you’re deciding on your desired breast size. If you go too large, your breasts won’t just be more obviously fake, but they could also give you more issues. Dr. Foster will be able to help you decide what size and shape should work best for your body and goals during your consultation.

  1. “Recovery is long and painful”

Recovery from cosmetic procedures isn’t nearly as arduous as it used to be. It’s important that you follow your post-surgery instructions as closely as possible and contact Dr. Foster if you have any issues or anything seems out of the ordinary.

Hopefully, this helps to alleviate some of your reservations about breast augmentation surgery. If you have any other questions about this procedure, call our office today at 203-577-6550 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster.