Having breasts that are too large is more than just an aesthetic issue. Oversized breasts can cause a significant amount of neck, back, and shoulder pain, and can lead to several other health problems if left untreated. Breast reduction surgery can help get rid of neck and back pain and also create a more evenly-proportioned physique.


Generally speaking, any woman whose breasts cause her significant neck, back, or shoulder pain is a candidate for breast reduction surgery. Even if the pain is intermittent, if you experience difficulty wearing clothing or have to refrain from any activities that you are otherwise healthy enough to engage in because of your breast size, you are likely an ideal candidate. Unlike most cosmetic surgical procedures, most insurance companies will cover breast reduction surgery because oversized breasts can negatively affect general health.


A breast reduction surgery typically consists of removing tissue. Then, at times Breast Reduction can be performed with just liposuction alone. Dr. Foster uses the inferior pedicle technique. He will make three incisions; one around the areola, another which runs vertically from the bottom of the areola to the fold under the breast, and a third that runs horizontally along the natural crease under the breast. Through these incisions, he will be able to remove excess fat and other tissue to reduce your breast volume. Once this tissue is removed, he will remove any excess skin, allowing him to reshape your breasts.

Your areolas and nipples will remain attached to underlying nerve and glandular tissue throughout the surgery.

Complications are rare with breast reduction surgery. Scarring is the main concern for most candidates. Dr. Foster takes extra time and care when making the sutures to ensure that scarring is minimized. You will also be given detailed post-op instructions and suggestions of things you can do to minimize scarring. A quick return to everyday activities should be expected.

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