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Breast surgery in its many forms is among the most popular set of procedures that we perform. Whether your breasts are too small, asymmetrical, lack perkiness or firmness, or are too large, there is a surgical option for you. Women who have had mastectomies due to breast cancer or other disease are ideal candidates for reconstructive breast surgery. Male breast reduction has also become quite popular in recent years.

Listed below are the more common surgical procedures we can perform to enhance your breasts:

  • Breast augmentation – Women with naturally small breasts, asymmetrical breasts, or women who have undergone mastectomy can benefit from breast augmentation or enlargement with implants. Several options are available to women who want larger, shapelier breasts. Most candidates can choose from several incision options, breast implant types, and implant placement options. Many women also benefit from a breast lift performed in conjunction with an augmentation. A consultation with Dr. Foster will help determine which options are best for you.
  • Breast lift – Many women who are happy with their natural breast volume but have saggy or asymmetrical breasts choose a breast lift. This procedure requires careful removal of excess skin which allows the breasts to be recontoured. Scarring is often a concern for breast lift patients. Dr. Foster has performed successful breast lifts with minimal scarring.
  • Breast reduction – Women whose breasts are too large can benefit from a breast reduction. Oversized breasts are not only an aesthetic issue; they can also lead to chronic back problems and other health issues.
  • Male breast reduction – It is very common for males to develop some amount of breast tissue at some point during their adolescent or adult life. This can be the result from a number of things; hormonal fluctuation, drug side-effects, or disease. Breast reduction in males is typically less-involved than with females, so scarring is significantly minimized. This is usually performed with liposuction.
  • Correcting Asymmetrical Breasts – Breasts are never perfectly identical and the condition of uneven breasts varies by individual. Speak with Dr. Foster about your options for correcting asymmetrical breasts.

If you live in the Middlebury, Connecticut area and think you may be a good candidate for any of the above breast surgery procedures,
or if you have any further questions about them, please contact Dr. Foster today.

before and after photos of breast reduction Hartford CT
before and after photos of breast reconstruction