Asymmetrical breasts are actually the rule rather than the exception, and there are a number of options for making your breasts look and feel more proportionate.

Because no one’s breasts are perfectly identical and the condition of uneven breasts varies by individual, your personal consultation with board-certified Connecticut plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Foster will determine the procedure or blend of procedures best suited to correct your asymmetrical breasts and achieve your aesthetic goals.

Options for Correcting Asymmetrical Breasts

The options for correcting asymmetrical breasts are fundamentally simple: reduce your larger breast, or augment your smaller breast. Achieving well-proportioned, symmetrical breasts can be accomplished through a single procedure or combination of procedures including:

Depending on your specific condition and treatment option of choice, a breast implant or liposuction may also be used to ensure a balanced, natural appearance.

Factors Affecting the Correction of Asymmetrical Breasts

Your individual treatment plan for correcting uneven breasts will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Your personal preferences
  • Your body type
  • The position of your breasts
  • The condition of your breast tissue

Physical characteristics of your breasts, including the position of your areolas and nipples, as well as differences in shape and volume, will also play a role in deciding the best procedural options for your personal needs and goals.

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