The administration of dermal fillers Danbury is fast and easy. But just like any other procedures, it still warrants the expertise of a truly competent doctor in the field of cosmetic medicine. The following are the steps during dermal filler administration:

  • Careful assessment of the entire face: The doctor will evaluate which parts of the face need to be injected with dermal fillers. Identified points on the face may be marked to easily inject fillers.
  • Thorough cleansing of the face: The face, particularly the injection sites, will be thoroughly cleansed.
  • Application of numbing cream: Numbing cream will be applied even though there is only very minimal pain, especially to patients with low pain tolerance.
  • Injecting the fillers: The dermal fillers will then be injected to the marked sites.
  • After the administration of fillers, the face will be gently cleaned and ice pack is usually offered to alleviate mild swelling and discomfort.

The entire procedure at Dr. Stanley Foster’s Center for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics usually takes a few minutes to an hour.