Introducing the i-Lipo Fat Burning Laser Weight Loss System

I-LipoSometimes exercise and diet alone, as healthy and necessary as they are, simply do not give us the results we need and so we end up with all manner of awkwardly bulging fat areas, particularly in the hips, thighs, face and abdomen. The biological features of these “problem fat areas” are such that they respond extremely slowly to diet and exercise, which becomes a serious issue for many patients who have been working hard to get the body they want. While some resort to cosmetic surgery, many are understandably hesitant to go through with such a procedure due to associated risks, complications and significant downtime. Now, Dr Stanley Foster is introducing a revolutionary new non-invasive fat burning procedure to Waterbury, CT. The amazing i-Lipo laser weight loss device makes these troubled fat areas a thing of the past with NO surgery, NO pain and NO downtime!

The i-Lipo® body shaping Laser is a 100% non-invasive fat burning technology that uses a special “cold” weight loss laser to shrink fat cells underneath the skin without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. The “melted” fat is the processed and eliminated thought the body’s own natural processes. This remarkable process allows Dr. Foster to perform targeted body shaping that takes only minutes and delivers real, visible results after just one session.

The i-Lipo® weight loss Laser is FDA approved and has been tested in medical settings around the globe. Results are natural-looking and fat burning technology eliminates fat permanently; obviously a healthy lifestyle is needed to avoid the development of new fat deposits, but the original fat is gone for good. Studies have shown that patients lost an average of 3.64 inches from their waistline and Dr. Foster is eager to bring the same kind of outstanding results to all his Connecticut patients!

I-LipoBenefits of the i-Lipo® Fat Burning Laser Treatments

  • No pain, bruising or swelling and no downtime at all
  • Completely safe and complication free
  • Effective after just one session
  • Studies show a reduction in cholesterol and improved Lipid panels
  • Much less expensive and complicated than Liposuction

What Should  I Expect During my i-Lipo® Laser Weight Loss Treatment?

You will be lying comfortably on one of our treatment beds while Dr. Foster perfumes your i-Lipo body shaping treatment. The treatments are done in a relaxing environment and last less than an hour. Afterwards there will be no discomfort or need for downtime; in fact, many of our Waterbury, CT patients really love the ability to have their laser weight loss treatment performed during a lunch break! For most patients a total of 6 treatments, one every other day for 2 weeks is all that is needed for the desired results.

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