Our skin changes as we age. It gradually loses the ability to maintain the chemical composition necessary to maintain elasticity and volume. Heredity, sun damage, and lifestyle choices such as smoking are all contributing factors; however, no one is immune to the effects that aging has on the skin.

Juvederm is the latest injectable filler to be approved by the FDA. Like Restylane and Perlane, its active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a chemical that your body naturally produces that gives volume and elasticity to your skin. As you age, you lose volume. This results in nasolabial folds and other types of wrinkles. Juvederm injections add hyaluronic acid to these trouble spots, smoothing out the wrinkles and restoring your youthful appearance.

Juvederm has been shown to be particularly effective in treating the lips and areas surrounding the lips, though it works well for other areas of the face as well. Its composition is smoother than its predecessors Restylane and Perlane. Both of these have a more granular composition, while Juvederm has more of a liquid quality. Dr. Foster will know which injectable filler is best for you.


You can expect your Juvederm procedure to last a few minutes. This will depend on the size of the area requiring treatment and the number of injections necessary. After a topical anesthetic is applied, a very thin needle is used to inject the Juvederm solution. The solution works immediately once it is injected to add volume to the skin and smooth out wrinkles. Most patients report very little or no pain during or after the procedure. Some swelling and redness is to be expected, though this should subside quickly.

You will be able to return to normal activities immediately after leaving our office. Keep in mind that Juvederm injections are not permanent. Follow up treatments will be necessary to maintain your new look.

If you live in the Greenwich, Glastonbury or Middlebury, Connecticut area and wish to restore your youthful appearance with Juvederm treatments, or
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