laser-procedures-img1Plastic surgery has become a technology-driven practice in recent years. This is a very positive thing. Modern technologies have made plastic surgery safer, quicker, less painful, and more affordable than ever before. Most importantly, technology has vastly improved patient satisfaction rates while significantly reducing many risks and complications.

Having things done “the old fashioned way” is not what you want out of a plastic surgeon or your surgery. You will want to be sure you are working with a plastic surgeon that has access to, and training on all of the latest techniques and technologies. Dr. Foster prides himself on being up to date on all the latest tools and techniques to ensure that his patients get the best results possible.

Dr. Foster’s in-office technologies include:

    • SmartLipo MPX – This is the state-of-the-art laser-assisted liposuction machine. Traditional liposuction devices are clumsy, and require excessive mechanical movement that causes unnecessary bleeding, tissue damage, and lengthy recovery periods. Laser-assisted liposuction is more precise, far safer, less painful, causes less swelling and bleeding, and is done under local anesthesia.

  • Affirm Anti-aging Workstation – This complete skin rejuvenation machine can perform wrinkle reduction, scar treatment, pigmentation and redness reduction, and age spot treatment, among other treatments. It will significantly decrease stretch marks.
  • Mirror Digital Imaging Software – This cutting-edge software package allows for accurate simulation of any plastic surgical procedure. You and Dr. Foster can manipulate your trouble contours on the computer screen, settling on your desired result before any surgery takes place.

Plastic surgery technologies are rapidly evolving. It takes extra effort and continuing education to keep up on the latest developments. Dr. Foster is dedicated to staying current on all the latest equipment and training. For all the latest developments in plastic surgical techniques and technologies, please visit our blog page.

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