Some of us are born with lush, sensuous, alluring lips. For those of us who were not, or those of us who have lost some of the volume and youthful contours of our lips due to aging, there is lip augmentation.

There are several procedures available to enhance the size and shape of your lips. Many of the injectable fillers used for wrinkle treatment are also effective on lips. Juvederm™, Perlane™, Restylane™ and collagen may be more appropriate for you. Dr. Foster will be able to determine which is right for you.

Lips can also be enhanced with fat grafting. This procedure consists of removing fat cells from another part of your body, purifying those cells, and then injecting them into your lips. Since your own fat is used in this procedure, there is less chance of allergic reaction. As opposed to injectable fillers which eventually wear off and require maintenance treatments, fat grafting provides a much longer-lasting result.


Fillers like Juvederm are simply injected into your lips. Fat grafting is somewhat more involved, as described above. A filler treatment can typically be performed in minutes. Fat grafting will likely take an hour or more.

Lips are a particularly sensitive area of the body when it comes to pain, so Dr. Foster takes every measure to ensure that your lip augmentation procedure and recovery is as pain-free as possible. Results will be immediately noticeable. However, you should expect some swelling to occur. This may give you the impression that your lips have been over-filled. It is important to be patient, as the swelling may take several days to subside, and the final results may not be apparent for a few weeks.

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