LiposuctionAnother new year is here and with it means New Year’s resolutions. Weight loss, dieting, and exercise always become a hot topic this time of year, and many people begin to embark on their own “weight loss journey”. It’s common for people to abandon their goals and look for a quick fix when they realize it takes a lot of hard work to change their lifestyle and that’s when they look to plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery may not be the “quick fix” you’re looking for, however. Plastic surgery is an excellent tool in altering or adjusting certain aspects of your looks to give you more confidence and get you closer to what you feel like you look like on the inside. But that doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly wake up after surgery with the perfect body and its important to be realistic about your results before you go under the knife.

For example, for most body procedures, it’s recommended that you’re already within a few pounds of your goal before surgery. Beyond the physical requirements, it’s also extremely important that you are in the right place mentally where you can be realistic about your goals and what you may look like after surgery. It’s also important to realize that you will likely have some recovery time and plan accordingly for that.

If you do feel like you meet those criteria or even if you think you’re close, then great! Plastic surgery is an incredible tool to help you gain confidence and achieve your goals. To determine the best procedure or treatment options for you, the next step would be setting up a consultation where you can meet with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Foster to discuss the procedure and what it entails. Dr. Foster is dedicated to delivering outstanding surgical results and building a collaborative relationship with you to ensure you’re both on the same page and feel comfortable with the entire process.

If you’re interested in plastic surgery and would like to discuss your options with top plastic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Foster, schedule an appointment today by calling 203-577-6550.