If you ever contact a surgeon and they don’t require a consultation, then you know that we should run for the hills. A consultation is one of the most crucial parts of any surgical procedure because it allows the doctor and the patients to sit down face-to-face and discuss the desired results from the procedure, and how to get there. If this is your first time getting surgery from Dr. Foster, then you may wonder what you can expect. Let’s take a closer look.

Two Consultations

The first thing to know about consultations with Dr. Foster is that although many surgeons will just do one consultation, Dr. Stanley does two. Why? Because he wants to take the time with every one of his patients to ensure that you get precisely what you want from surgery.

  • 1st Consultation: During your first consultation, Dr. Foster will review your medical history, prior surgery, and will discuss what it is that you want from surgery. Then, he will discuss with you in detail the risks and complications of the procedure itself.
  • 2nd Consultation: During this last consultation, Dr. Foster will continue to discuss the procedure with you. Then, he will take some before photos using Mirror software. During this appointment, we will also set a date for your surgery, and we will discuss how you can prepare.

Come Prepared

One of the biggest things that we encourage our patients to do before surgery is to come into our office prepared. Try doing some research online about your procedure before you first consultation; that way, you have a little understanding of the procedure. Also, come with a detailed list of questions that you want to have answered.

Your consultation is a great time for you to have any questions or concerns addressed directly by the surgeon. If you want to schedule your consultation, contact our office today and give us a call at 203-577-6550.