Youthful Refreshed Look

If you live in Simsbury, Avon, Hartford, or even the Danbury area of Connecticut,
no one likes to look old. Most people want a refreshed look and want the person
who is looking back at them in the mirror with a smile on their face.

The Eyelids are the center of the face. The windows to your appearance and your
youth and vitality. The eyelids are what people see first when they glance at you
and make an assessment of you. If you have heavy, sagging, wrinkled eyelids then
you need help.  Eyelid surgery (Blepharsplasty) is the solution.

In just over an hour you can change your appearance forever. You can get that
happy youthful look back again. Erase all of those years of stress and strain on
your appearance.

We perform the eyelid surgery in the office of Dr. Stanley Foster in Middlebury CT. That
way you save hospital fees and anesthesia fees. It’s much more affordable.
Local Anesthesia is used so you can have your eyelid tuck done, and walk out of
the office refreshed ready to take on the world looking through beautiful new

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