Did you know the key to looking younger is actually already in your blood? Also known as a “vampire facial”, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) might be the perfect treatment for you this Halloween season. PRP is a blood product that’s been known for its regenerative properties. It can be used in a variety of ways to promote healing and growth throughout the body. PRP can accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. One of the services we offer is PRP for facial rejuvenation.

What Are the Benefits of PRP?

As mentioned before, platelet-rich plasma has natural regenerative capabilities making it perfect stimulating the cells to give you beautiful, youthful skin. The biggest advantage of PRP is that it is autologous meaning it’s found in the patient’s own blood. This eliminates the risks of allergic reactions to the substance.

Treatments are usually quick, taking less than an hour. It’s minimally invasive and patients are able to go back to routine activities right away. Results appear slowly but continue to improve for several months. It is a safe and effective treatment that can be combined with other injections or procedures. PRP can also safely be performed on all skin types and tones.

Some patients are finding that PRP can:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Plump up sagging skin
  • Get rid of deep creases
  • Improve one’s complexion
  • Diminish acne scars

How Does PRP for Facial Rejuvenation Work?

PRP is injected beneath wrinkles and lines, into scars and stretch marks, and into areas that have declined with age. The growth factors that absorb into the dermis after PRP injections draw in stem cells and other healing cells like cytokines. These cells work together to regenerate tissues that have become loose, wrinkled, and rough. Some patients prefer to combine PRP with dermal fillers or fat injections, depending on the look they’re looking for.

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Those are some of the basics about our PRP facial rejuvenation treatment. We are proud to offer PRP treatments for facial rejuvenation in our Middlebury, CT office. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stanley Foster today, call 203-577-6550.