Individuals who want to improve the contours of their thighs can do so with a thigh lift. This procedure “lifts” and tightens the thighs by removing excess skin. Fat deposits that have not responded to diet, exercise, or any other weight loss methods can also be removed. This procedure is often done in conjunction with other procedures such as a buttock lift.

It is important to note that a thigh lift is not an alternative weight loss method. As with any of our body contouring and liposuction procedures, Dr. Foster will not perform a thigh lift on a morbidly obese person. The ideal candidate must have already gone through a successful weight loss program of diet, exercise, or gastric bypass surgery. Thigh lift candidates must be at their target weight and dedicated to maintaining it. In some cases, approval from the physician that has guided the individual through their weight loss program may be required.


Dr. Foster performs most thigh lifts using general anesthesia. The typical procedure lasts approximately two hours. The location of the incisions are on the medial thighs. Nearly all thigh lift incisions can be made in the natural folds and creases of the groin. This helps ensure that your scarring will be unnoticeable.

Some degree of swelling, discoloration, and pain should be expected after surgery. Swelling can take several weeks to subside entirely. Pain medication will be prescribed for you. You should plan to take seven to ten days off work for recovery time. Expect one to two months to pass before returning to full normal activities. Dr. Foster will provide detailed post-operative instructions for you to follow. Adhering closely to these instructions will significantly decrease your chance of complications.

Results will be immediately noticeable, but it is important to be patient. The body takes awhile to adjust to procedures like this. The final results of your thigh lift will take several months to a year to be apparent.

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